Il fattore umano Another Place - Original language

St 202252 min
On the day the US celebrates Independence The Human Factor tackles the never solved problem of racism towards African Americans and minorities. The tale is told in an entirely original way by examining the opportunities to live with dignity in the US if you are black or Latino. From Washington DC to San Francisco, the galloping phenomenon of gentrification triggers a circuit of new marginality. Not all US citizens manage to produce wealth in the same way. One of the discriminators is race. For African-Americans and other minorities, the chances of achieving economic prosperity are on average seven times lower than for whites. Economic racism, more subtle and invisible than police violence, but no less dangerous. The protagonist of the interview frame is poet and performer Alyesha Wise, who turns the struggles, difficulties and feelings of being African American into rap rhymes. With the Street Poets project, she teaches poetry to boys in juvenile prisons.
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