Il fattore umano The War of Dissent - Original language

St 202241 min
Ukraine is still the theatre of war. In the heart of the country invaded by the Russian army, we hear the voices of civilians hiding in bunkers, of those who have lost everything in these weeks of fighting. A field account of the horror of a conflict in which, as always, the civilians pay the highest price. But we will also hear from Russian dissidents who have taken refuge in Lithuania in a castle that accommodates them and allows them to exercise their right to freedom of expression cancelled by the Putin regime. In addition, Russian journalist and activist Oxana Chelysheva, forced by the Putin regime to expatriate, will tell us about her story as a threatened intellectual and her commitment to dialogue and against war. The reportage by Lorenzo Giroffi, Tatsiana Khamliuk, Andrea Sceresini.
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