Presadiretta The Perfect Virus

PresaDiretta investigates the secrets of Wuhan and the laboratory accident hypothesis with surprising updates. What kind of experiments were carried out in the Wuhan Institute of virology and what was the American involvement in that kind of research? Why was the hypothesis that the virus might have accidentally escaped from one of those laboratories removed and hidden in favour of one that suggested a natural spillover? Are there conflicts of interest in the international scientific community that investigated the origins of the virus? What lies behind the cold war between China and the United States over this matter? PresaDiretta has collected data, information, independent reports and interviewed some of the most important scientists in the field. David Relman, microbiologist and immunologist at Stanford University, author with 17 other scientists of a letter published in Science in May 2021: the first time that the dogma of the natural origins of the virus was questioned. Last summer, Jesse Bloom, computational biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and one of the most respected experts on viruses evolution, discovered hundreds of sequences from the very first Covid patients, which had been deleted by Wuhan researchers from a public database. This discovery has rewritten the history of the origins. And Alina Chan, molecular biologist at the Broad Institute in Boston, a real Twitter star and one of the most lucid and courageous researchers on the origins of the virus.
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