Presadiretta War on the Amazon

St 2021/2247 min
In 2019 Jair Bolsonaro becomes the President of Brazil. The same year register a record number of fires in the Amazon region and deforestation returns to growth after years of decline. 2020 is even worst. Is it a coincidence? We travelled for thousands of kilometres to understand how the Amazon defence system has been systematically weakened by the Bolsonaro administration to favour soybean and meat industries. We patrolled the forest with the Brazilian environmental police to see the difficulties they face in prosecuting environmental crimes. We followed the Indios that try to denounce loggers invading their territories. We have travelled "The Route of Soy" to understand how much pressure the soybean production puts on the environment. War on the Amazon is a reportage that shed light on the consequences of the Bolsonaro administration's policies on the Brazilian rainforest. We tried to explain the huge economic interests that make so difficult to defend the Amazon and why we cannot absolve ourselves.
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