Presadiretta The dictatorship of arms

St 2021/2257 min
The European Union is the second largest arms supplier in the world after the United States. Its top five countries in the ranking - Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain - together account for 23% of the global arms trade industry. Where do these arms go and why are they used to target civilian populations or in countries where human rights are violated, despite this being prohibited by the UN international treaties and the resolutions of the European Parliament? An investigation into the military affairs of the Italian government and the interests of Europe in the Middle East, which deep dives into the relationship between the Regeni's case – the young Italian researcher of the University of Cambridge tortured and killed by the Egyptian secret services in 2016 – the violation of human rights in the country, and the arms business with Al Sisi government. A journey that goes through Turkey and Iraq to discover how Italian arms are used against civilian populations and where 338 million euros of weapons - supplied by Italy to Turkey in 2019 only - went spent.
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